18 Mar 2021
"Artists Campaign to Enter Dutch Parliament," roundtable with Ehsan Fardjadniya, Astrid Feringa, and Quinsy Gario for frieze

Feb 2021
Note to future self for Best! Letters from Asian Americans in the arts, ed. Christopher K. Ho and Daisy Nam (Paper Monument)

Oct 2020
On Larry Achiampong and Mickalene Thomas, RELATIONS: Diaspora and Painting, ed. Cheryl Sim (PHI Foundation for Contemporary Art/ Hirmer Verlag GmbH)

Fall 2020
On structures of support in conversation with Renee Mboya for Other Rooms digital publication for Rupert 

Fall 2020
"Channeling Energy! For Freedom Fighters," for Real Review 

Autumn 2020
"A dream where we fly kites in water" with the work of Ka-Man Tse for Contact Sheet 207

Spring 2020
"Based on a True Story: Todd Haynes's Dark Waters and New New Left Cinema," co-written with Emily Verla Bovino for Mousse Magazine

Mar 2020
"A Rehearsal for Freedom in Hong Kong," roundtable with Clara Cheung, Susi Law, and Ky Wong for frieze

Dec 2019
"Many Undulating Things (Hong Kong Climate Control)," for Di'van: A Journal of Accounts, Issue 7 

6 Sep 2019
"The Fight for Hong Kong Is Not Over," opinion for frieze

11 May 2018
"A Lifetime Guaranteed: based on the works of Wong Kit Yi," feature for LEAP
必然发生的不朽—“魔杖,交接棒与基因剪切体”〉, LEAP 独家

1 Oct 2017 
"A Blue Cloth Robe for Ballroom Dancing," vignettes of Wang Ying for MICE Magazine

publications (ed.)

Whispers That Got Away
Fly Ruthless
Ruthless Lantern

A Glass House Should Hold No Terrors
Theoretically in the Gutter: A Manga Essay Collection


Winter 2020
"Clinical Cosmology: Tishan Hsu," for Mousse Magazine

23 Mar 2019
Firenze Lai in Conversation, for Ocula

21 Jan 2019
"Hao Jingban: Ballroom Dancing, or the Origin Story of Contemporary China," profile for frieze

31 Oct 2018 
"Who Really is Christopher K. Ho?," profile for frieze

28 Jun 2018
Nilima Sheikh in Conversation, for Ocula

30 Mar 2018
"The Miracle of Creation: Jes Fan and the Craft of Engineering Kinship," profile for frieze

1 Oct 2017 
"The Low Seas," on the work of Beatrice Glow for LEAP 艺术界


23 Aug 2021
Critic's Pick of Jumana Manna, at M HKA for Artforum.com

23 Jul 2021
"The Revenge Fantasies of Su Hui-Yu's The Cinema of Séance," review for ArtAsiaPacific

Apr 2021
"Not useful ideological tools" on Inside the Red Brick Wall, review for Esperanto

27 Jan 2021
"Revital Cohen and Tuur Van Balen Ask How Value is Created," review for frieze

Dec 2020
"Yoko Tawada's Unfinished Texts," review for Esperanto

25 Nov 2020
"Sandra Mujinga’s Installations Suggests Ways of Seeing through Darkness," review for frieze

Sept 2020
Review of Andrew Luk and Chu Teh-Chun, at de Sarthe Gallery for Artforum

Jul/Aug 2020
Review of Lo Lai Lai , at Tomorrow Maybe for Artforum

6 Jul 2020
Critic's Pick of Unconstrained Textiles: Stitching Methods, Crossing Ideasat CHAT for Artforum.com

27 Mar 2020
Critic's Pick of Chow Chun Fai, at Gallery EXIT for Artforum.com

Jan 2020
Review of Xiao Lu, at 10 Chancery Lane for Artforum 

6 Nov 2019
Critic's Pick of Café do Brasil, at Para Site for Artforum.com

1 Nov 2019
"Dark Clouds over Hong Kong: Luke Ching and South Ho," review for frieze

30 Jul 2019
"A Night at Doreen Chan's Heartbreak Hotel," review for frieze

Winter/Spring 2019
"Decolonization doesn't have a synonym," review of A beast, a god, and a line at Para Site for TAKE Fashion

10 Nov 2018
"Crush at Para Site: What if you couldn't have it?," report for Ocula

Oct 2018
"Tell Me When The Dust Settles: Review of Action ↔ Reaction," for AVA 7 of Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University

17 Aug 2018
"Art Jakarta: World spirit, Independence Day and Asian Games," report for Ocula

Summer 2018
Review of Gritty Eye, a solo exhibition of work by Lai Lon Hin at Blindspot Gallery for ArtReview Asia

Summer 2018
Review of Emerald City, an exhibition at K11 Art Foundation for Spike Art Quarterly

Summer 2018
One on One of Chiara Vigo, The thread that sings (2017), for Spike Art Quarterly

16 Mar 2018 
"In Memory of a Free Public," report on the Harbour Arts Sculpture Park in Hong Kong for Ocula

16 Jan 2018 
Review of The Preservationists, an exhibition at Duddell's Hong Kong for frieze

Nov/Dec 2017 
Review of Everything Visible is Empty, an exhibition of Toshio Matsumoto at Empty Gallery for ArtAsiaPacific

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