exhibitions, public programmes

23 October - 22 December 2018
Cinema of Masks, co-curated with David Chan at Tai Kwun Contemporary, Hong Kong.

16 September - 25 November 2018
Fan Death in Bedroom, at Bedroom, Hong Kong.

19 June - 13 October 2018
Cut Sleeve, Split Peach, a solo exhibition of works by Xiyadie at NOME Gallery, Berlin. 

5 - 31 July 2018
Dead Letter Office: White Glove Sale, conceived with Thy Anne Chu Quang, Yen-Chao Lin, and Kate Whiteway (Atelier Céladon) at Art Metropole, Toronto. 

7 April - 2 June 2018
Whispers That Got Away, co-curated with Thy Anne Chu Quang and Kate Whiteway (Atelier Céladon) at SBC Gallery of Contemporary Art, Montreal.

5 December 2017
Valuable Information (A Double Media Bill), at Videotage, Hong Kong.

9 July 2017
Miss Ruthless With A Smile, co-curated with David Xu Borgonjon at Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing.

2 July 2017
Miss Ruthless: A Press Conference, co-curated with David Xu Borgonjon at Spring Workshop, Hong Kong. 

2 July - 10 September 2017
In Search of Miss Ruthless 尋求無情小姐, co-curated with David Xu Borgonjon at Para Site, Hong Kong. 

1 - 4 December 2016
Common Aliens: Diaspora in Time, at Studio XX, Montreal. 

27 October 2016
Table Setting, co-curated with Priya Zoe Jain and Hannah Strauss at articule, Montreal. 

17 April 2016
Office for the Employment of Artists, at Mainline Gallery, Montreal.


23 March 2019
Firenze Lai in Conversation, for Ocula

Winter/Spring 2019
Decolonization doesn't have a synonym, a review of A beast, a god, and a line at Para Site for TAKE Fashion. 

21 January 2019
Hao Jingban: Ballroom Dancing, or the Origin Story of Contemporary China, a profile for Frieze.

10 November 2018
Crush at Para Site: What if you couldn't have it?, a report for Ocula

31 October 2018 
Who Really is Christopher K. Ho?, a profile for Frieze

17 August 2018
Art Jakarta: World spirit, Independence Day and Asian Games, a report for Ocula

28 June 2018
Nilima Sheikh in Conversation, for Ocula.

Summer 2018
Review of Gritty Eye, a solo exhibition of work by Lai Lon Hin at Blindspot Gallery for ArtReview Asia

Summer 2018
Review of Emerald City, an exhibition at K11 Art Foundation for Spike Art Quarterly.

Summer 2018
One on One of Chiara Vigo, The thread that sings (2017), for Spike Art Quarterly.

11 May 2018
"A Lifetime Guaranteed: based on the works of Wong Kit Yi," a feature for LEAP
必然发生的不朽—“魔杖,交接棒与基因剪切体”〉, LEAP 独家。

30 March 2018
"The Miracle of Creation: Jes Fan and the Craft of Engineering Kinship," a profile for Frieze.

16 March 2018 
"In Memory of a Free Public," a report on the Harbour Arts Sculpture Park in Hong Kong for Ocula

16 January 2018 
Review of The Preservationists, an exhibition at Duddell's Hong Kong for Frieze. 

November/December 2017 
Review of Everything Visible is Empty, an exhibition of Toshio Matsumoto at Empty Gallery for ArtAsiaPacific. 

1 October 2017 
"The Low Seas," on the work of Beatrice Glow for LEAP 艺术界. 

1 October 2017 
"A Blue Cloth Robe for Ballroom Dancing," vignettes of Wang Ying for MICE Magazine


Whispers That Got Away
Fly Ruthless
Ruthless Lantern

A Glass House Should Hold No Terrors
Theoretically in the Gutter: A Manga Essay Collection


16 February 2019
"The Violence of Gender Artist's Panel," moderator for Jana Euler, Liu Yefu, Julia Phillips, Marianna Simnett, Raphaela Vogel, Wong Ping, curator Susanne Pfeffer at Tai Kwun Contemporary

25 January 2019
"Miss Ruthless Presents Global Mermaid Sightings," a performance with Alexis Chan, Nhu Duong and Xiaoshi Vivian Vivian Qin as part of Incantations: On Ecologies, Fugitivity, and Transmission at SAVVY Contemporary.

21 December 2018
"Where is the South now?" moderator for Françoise Vergès, Zairong Xiang, Liu Ye, and Musquiqui Chihying as part of South of the South: Rhetorics of Geography and Imageries of Delinking, the 7th Para-curatorial Symposium at Guangdong Times Museum.

20 December 2018
"Two Speakers Prepare a Prophecy," a performance with Xiaoshi Vivian Vivian Qin as part of South of the South: Rhetorics of Geography and Imageries of Delinking, the 7th Para-curatorial Symposium at Guangdong Times Museum.

14 October 2018
"The Promise of Second Chances," moderator for Chulayarnnon Siriphol, Stephanie Comilang, and Josh Kline as part of Ghost:2561 at Phornprapha Auditorium, Siam Motors Building.

20 July 2018 
"Collectively, So To Speak," moderator for Frog King Kwok, Teresa Kwong, Bing Lee, Samson Young, and Albert Kaho Yu as part of Art After Hours at Tai Kwun Contemporary.

26 May 2018
"Dialogue Circle 1: Radio as commons," with Meri Kyto (University of Tampere), Heikki Unimon, Yang Yeung (soundpocket), and Emily Verla Bovino (SCAD) as part of Art for Radio? Radio for Art? —an artist-led symposium for soundpocket at SCAD Hong Kong. 

31 March 2018
"Art Criticism and Critical Writing: Where to Now?" moderator for Bhavna Kakar (Editor-in-Chief and Publisher TAKE), Keith Wallace (Editor-in-Chief, Yishu), Elaine W. Ng (Editor and Publisher, ArtAsiaPacific), Daniel Szehin Ho (Co-Founder and Editor-at-Large, Randian) for Art Basel Conversations Hong Kong.

30 March 2018 
"The 21st Century Kunsthalle: A Roundtable," moderator for Tobias Berger (Head of Arts, Tai Kwun), Elena Filipovic (Director and Curator, Kunsthalle Basel), Solvita Krese (Director, The Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art) for Art Basel Conversations Hong Kong.

29 March 2018 
"Labour and Privilege" with Xyza Cruz Bacani, BUFU, Olivia Chow, and Oscar Chan for Tai Kwun Contemporary.

10 February 2018 
"On Gathering: Facilitating & Curating Contemporary Art in HK" with Yang Yeung (Director, soundpocket) and Emily Verla Bovino (SCAD) at SCAD Hong Kong. 

18 November 2017
On Toshio Matsumoto and Funeral Parade of Roses (1969) with Ulanda Blair (Curator of Moving Image, M+), Taro Nettleton (Temple University Japan), and Hirofumi Sakamoto - the late filmmaker’s archivist at Empty Gallery. 

27 October 2017 
"rReal Fiction," a screening of Space Delay (2015) followed by conversation with eteam at Baptist University. 

4 October 2017 
"Gossip is a fearful thing," as part of FIELD MEETING Take 5: Thinking Projects, curated by Leeza Ahmady for Asia Contemporary Art Week at the Asia Society. 

9 July 2017
"Pageantry as Method," with Alvin Li (UCCA) and David Xu Borgonjon as part of Miss Ruthless With A Smile at the UCCA. 

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